Ale Medicine For Perfect Health

Now -a- days many of us are suffering from several health problems like nausea, blood circulation, arthritis, digestive problems, etc. to avoid such problems instead of taking medicines every time, we can take healthy fruit juices which we can prepare at home easily. Lemon lime ginger ale juice is one of those healthy juices. With the combination lime,lemon ,ginger make a juice called ale.
This juice is extracted from lemon, ginger, and apple, grapes, which gives perfect health. A grape used in this juice purifies blood and the ginger avoids digestive problems, arthritis, nausea, etc. apple used in this juice increases blood and it makes body healthy.

It is very easy to prepare this juice. To prepare one glass of juice we have to take one apple, hand full of black grapes, half lemon, and half inch of fresh ginger. First remove the grapes from stem and cut the apple in slices and ginger too. Then mix all the ingredients and juice it and serve it chilled.